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A little more about us. 


David is originally from New Zealand, and have been living in Sydney for at least 14 years. He's a jack of all trades! He's been a chef, a real estate agent, sales man for a bike shop and is currently a Senior Sales consultant and National Product Trainer at one of Australia's most iconic furniture store. He's most passionate about renovation, having renovated over 10 properties in his time since he was 18. He also has a green thumb and loves pottering around the garden. 


Patrick is originally from the Philippines. He moved to New Zealand in 2005 and then crossed the ditch to Sydney in 2011. Sydney is now his home but considers himself very lucky to call Philippines, New Zealand and Australia his home.  He's a Marketing manager by profession having worked in the Financial services industry for over 14 years across New Zealand and Australia. He's a keen shopper and can smell bargains from a mile away. He loves a bit of luxury as much as roughing it up. 

We both have worked our asses off since our early days and we never really had a chance to spend time  with ourselves. We've had the opportunity to go on holidays like most normal people do who work from 9-5. This just isn't enough. We decided it's about time to drop everything and just focus on ourselves, call it mid-life crisis? Well this is the best crisis ever!


Most people travel the world after university and  do this kind of thing in their 20s. Well we say the 40s is the new 20s - with much more money! 

We wanted to document our travels as much as we can and share this amongst everyone and most especially to our friends and family around the world. 


We're very fortunate to be able to just leave everything behind  and explore what this amazing world has to offer.  Reconnecting with our friends and experiencing new things as is our top main goal by the end of this trip. We know we will be different people when we get back!

We hope you enjoy our content and be kind, we're not professional travel bloggers or vloggers - just have pure passion for a happy life through the eyes of travel and exploring new places and experiencing new things!

Dave & Pat

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