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30 years of dreaming its finally here

Thank you for stopping to read this! My name is David ( Dave ) and as far back as I can remember I had the dream of traveling the world for a year.

I got the travel bug when I was 14, when my family took me on a trip to BC Canada, I leant so much from this, It got me out of my bubble, I wanted more!

“Wooosshh ya 40+ where has my dream gone?”

I went back many times, mostly for short 2 - 4 weeks a year always wishing for more.Working hard as cook, long hard and hot hours saving hard each week for the next Holiday when my parents recommended I buy as house, great advice. That house came, went another again sold repeat add in some time and wooshh ya 40+ Where has my dream gone? It was hiding behind fear, yes that one, fear you might lose a great job, fear that something might happen to the house? Money?


Then the fear becomes what you're missing!

Its just a job, the house will be fine and who cares about money! It's time to go say hi to all those who have helped me today.

Growing up in my late teens my favourite show was Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 days, then came the book I had to have, Pole to Pole with me just wishing I could do that.

The last few years my Partner Patrick and I have been hooked on so may Vloggers, traveling the World living the dream. We just looked at each other "That's its now or never!"


That's it, we have booked, Sept 26th flying back to Auckland New Zealand from Sydney that has been home for 14 years.The count down had started and it was only Jan, this is going to be a long 10 mths.

Handing in my leave, renting out the house and putting a hold on everything for a year was mixed emotions, sad to say goodbye to all, over taken by excitement. Ive never done anything like a blog before, I'm old school. This 30 year dream is about to start.

We would love if you could tag along, enjoy the photos ,vids and chats along the way.

Enjoy this journey with us.



© 2018 by Dave, Pat and a Map.

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