• Patrick Fajardo

The easiest decision I've ever made

What to wear for work, what to have for lunch, which movie to watch are life's easiest decisions, but that's not what I'm talking about.

What have we done?

I'm talking about quitting my job without a job security when we get back!

“Taking a Career-break can only be heard of in the Western Culture, but from where I've originally come from - this concept doesn't basically exist!"

Your parents work their butts off to send you to University so you can get a degree and have a decent corporate job after you graduate. Then you find work straight after graduation and work until you retire. This is the culture I grew up in. Most even stay in one company and work there all their life!

I've always felt this is not something for me and the Universe sent me to New Zealand and Australia to prove me right and here's where I lived my Marketing career.

No job to come home to

Most people will say that's crazy! Your job is the most important thing - without it your screwed. For me, quitting my job instead of taking a career-break gave me the most liberating feeling. For once in my life, I have no one to answer to but myself. There will always be jobs available, time isn't.

I'm taking this time to travel with the best traveling partner anyone could ever wish for, and that alone is by far the easiest decision I've ever made!


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